Friendship Day 2023: Zomato CEO Deepinder Goyal Personally Delivers Food & Bracelets To Delivery Executives & Customers

Manasvi SharmaPublished On: August 12, 2023
Friendship day 2023

On Friendship Day 2023, Deepiner Goyal, the CEO of Zomato Personally Presents Food & Bracelets To Delivery Executives & Customers.

On Friendship Day 2023, Zomato CEO Deepinder Goyal celebrated in a unique way. He decided to deliver all the meals and friendship bracelets personally to Zomato’s delivery executives, customers, and restaurant partners. Goyal’s thoughtful gesture received praise and excitement from users on the platform.

In pictures shared on social media, Goyal can be seen on a Royal Enfield motorcycle, holding friendship bands which engraved the letters “best food friends forever.” The images were captured beautifully showcasing the strong bond between Zomato and its valued delivery partners, customers, and restaurant associates, symbolizing the spirit of friendship and appreciation on this special friendship day 2023.

Prior to this instance, Deepinder Goyal had previously taken on the role of a Zomato delivery person. On New Year’s Eve, he pleasantly surprised customers by personally delivering a few orders placed through the app. This hands-on approach and dedication to ensuring exceptional service earned him appreciation from both Zomato users and employees.

In his X bio stating “Delivery boy at Zomato,” Deepinder Goyal’s dedication to the company’s values is evident. He sets an example by showing that no task is too small when it comes to ensuring the satisfaction of Zomato’s stakeholders.

The recent news of Zomato achieving a net profit of ₹2 crore in the quarter one of the current financial year adds significance to Goyal’s gesture. This event marks an enormous milestone in the company’s journey since its establishment in 2008. Goyal’s decision to deliver all the friendship bands and meals personally on Friendship Day 2023 showcases the strong bond and camaraderie that Zomato shares with its customers and partners.

As people reacted to Goyal’s tweet with humor and gratitude, it highlighted the unique connection that Zomato has built with its customers over time. Many expressed their desire to meet the CEO in person, appreciating his direct involvement with the company’s operations.

In a playful interaction with a user who jokingly suggested that Goyal could have borrowed the profit of ₹2 crore from him instead of making deliveries, the CEO responded with charm and wit, earning him the title of “tweet of the day.”

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