IIT Jammu Signed Pact with five premier Universities Commemorate 3rd Anniversary of NEP 2020

Shalini PanditPublished On: August 12, 2023
IIT Jammu

IIT Jammu took a momentous step towards fostering academic collaboration and promoting knowledge exchange during the Akhil Bhartiya Shiksha Samagam (ABSS) in 2023, which commemorated the third anniversary of the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020. In a bid to strengthen ties and enhance the quality of education, IIT(Indian Institute of Technology) Jammu signed Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs) with five renowned universities from different corners of India.

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The esteemed universities that entered into these partnerships included the National Institute of Technology Agartala (NITA), National Institute of Technology Warangal (NITW), National Institute of Technology Patna (NITP), Sant Longowal Institute of Engineering & Technology (SLIET), and Mody University of Science and Technology (MUST). Each of these institutions carries a distinguished reputation in the field of education and research.

IIT Jammu, on the occasion of ABSS 2023, celebrated the third anniversary of NEP 2020 by signing MoUs with five prestigious universities – NITA, NITW, NITP, SLIET, and MUST. These agreements aim to foster academic cooperation, promote knowledge exchange, and advance education and research. The official signing involved eminent personalities, including Prof Manoj Singh Gaur (Director, IIT Jammu) and directors of the respective institutes.

Through these MoUs, the universities plan to share faculty expertise, collaborate on research projects, and utilize academic resources reciprocally. Faculty members from one institution will teach at others, and joint project proposals will be submitted, promoting a culture of academic excellence and cross-disciplinary collaboration.

These partnerships reflect a shared vision of academic excellence and innovation, ushering in a new era of academic exploration. Together, IIT Jammu and its esteemed partners aspire to inspire generations and achieve greater heights in their pursuit of knowledge.

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